On behalf of the MIT School of Architecture and Planning, especially the students who now present the culmination of their M. Arch education through their thesis, we extend our gratitude to the guest critics who have generously joined us on Thursday, December 22, 2022:

Erin Besler, Garnette Cadogan, Sean Canty, Beatriz Colomina, Natalia Dopazo, Jenny French, Antonio Furgiuele, Caroline Jones, Ang Li, Diana Martinez, Lauren Pacheco, Julian Rose, John Todd, Ivonne Santoyo Orozco, Hans Tursack, Matthew Okazaki, Mark Wigley, and Alpha Yacob Arsano.

MIT Master’s
of Architecture

Fall 2022

NEO-FOXCONN: Analysis and Redesign of Foxconn Campus

Zekun Fan

Thesis Committee 

J. Yolande Daniels


Brandon Clifford
Takehiko Nagakura

The world's largest technology manufacturer, Foxconn, is expanding its factories in America. However, Foxconn’s East Asian mode will not disappear if transplanted without reconsideration. These problematic practices are not only the result of a cultural context, they are also the result of a complicit architecture.

Instead of Foxconn's labor-intensive "closed campus,” what kind of architecture would emerge if they built innovation-driven "open campus" drawn from American context? This thesis explores the uncomfortable territory between corporate production and architectural delight that resist the status quo of industry over humanity.